Listening. Respecting and valuing differences. Recognizing overlapping and compatible interests. With steady focus and attention to detail, let’s work together to secure meaningful solutions for your situation.


My professional experience is rooted in a quarter century of leadership of a nationally acclaimed innovative and collaborative regional land trust in New England, seven years of municipal conservation and planning work, and a half dozen years as a paralegal specializing in consumer protection and landlord-tenant law.

My personal commitment to land access for all, especially the presently and historically marginalized, is grounded in my mixed background of poverty and privilege. I grew up nourished by my grandparents’ organic victory garden located just hundreds of feet from Main Street and Interstate 91 in the North End Neighborhood of Springfield, Massachusetts. I also had the extraordinary experience of living on three continents by age three and attending public school in six states before the sixth grade. My other grandparents farmed in Missouri, Arkansas, Oregon, and California.

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